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Sore to Soar!
12 Weeks to Reduce Aches and Pains and Feel Stronger

About the Program:

This program is intended for the Boomer population but is suitable for anyone who may be de-conditioned, wants to reduce pain, wants to feel stronger, and wants to develop a daily exercise habit!


Sore to Soar is a foundational program that builds your body from the ground up. taking into account the fact that you may not move the way you once did.

Month 1 focuses on Mobilizing and Stabilizing the entire body. Tackle pain!

Month 2 focuses on movement training. 

Month 3, we add load! 


Your program will be delivered through an app so that you can do it from home on your own time. You can ask me questions, I can review your form, we can track nutrition, daily habits, and more. Then, we do live monthly meetings in our Private FB Group (Team Strut) to track progress, ask questions, make changes, get support, chat with the other participants, etc! 


More importantly, I'd like to know how I can help you, what you're struggling with, what you need, and what your pain points are. Let's get you feeling top-notch and crushing goals!!

This is a VERY brief description of the program, and I look forward to chatting with you one-on-one to see if we're the right match to accomplish your goals.

DM in socials or message me here :)

Let’s Work Together

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